The “Anastasia's Angel”

Anastasia                                           (Photograph by Gianfranco Marocchino ©1998)




The NHFP also has another affiliate service, The “Anastasia’s Angel” Memorial, named in memory of the Marocchinos’ beloved white borzoi, who passed away on the fifth anniversary of Nikki’s death. It is their hope that this sweet creature, who shared their lives for almost twelve years and whose “good death” in the comfort of her own home epitomized the true essence of hospice care, will inspire people to view their companion animals as they would any other significant family member—and therefore just as deserving of official commemoration. Accordingly, this service was established so that the friends, supporters, patrons, benefactors and sponsors of The NHFP could memorialize their pets (or their loved ones) in a special, caring manner within our own website.

When Anastasia passed away, the Marocchinos had their local newspaper, the Vallejo Times-Herald, publish a special tribute to her. Within a matter of days, scores of people who had seen the notice called to offer their condolences and their support, deeply impressed by the announcement and desirous of doing the same one day for their own pets. Gradually, this unique memorial is beginning to set a trend, empowering pet parents to express both their affection and their grief for their companion animals in the most meaningful of terms.  The entire text of Anastasia’s memorial tribute can be viewed by scrolling below to “Remembering Anastasia.”

With adequate funding in the future, The NHFP hopes to provide “pet obituary” services for the pets of needy and elderly pet parents who cannot cover the full publication costs themselves. Your donations and/or gifts as friends, supporters, patrons, benefactors and sponsors of The NHFP (tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law) will help to make this a reality. In the meantime, our contributors are welcome to remember their beloved pets (or loved ones) in a simple manner by becoming “Anastasia's Angel” Memorial donors. Please specify any memorial information you wish to have included along with your donation and/or gift (see our Enrollment/Gift Form*).  If you wish, you may send us a photograph of your pet (or loved one), and we will place it on our website under our “Anastasia's Angel” Memorial donors.  By clicking on the name of the pet or loved one, you will be able to see the photograph. (Please allow us a few weeks before checking for postings on this site.)

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The Nikki Hospice Foundation for Pets gratefully acknowledges the following friends and supporters who have made their donations in memory of a cherished pet or a beloved friend or relative. Their names and the names of those they wish to memorialize are listed here so that we may honor and pay tribute to these dedicated pet parents and to their wonderful companion animals or loved ones. Clicking on the names that contain a hyperlink will take you directly to an image or a photograph. By providing The NHFP with much-needed support, these caring donors are ensuring that our work continues by allowing us to touch the lives of other pets and their families through the comfort of veterinary hospice care, while remembering their animal friends and/or their loved ones with affection and esteem. 

Name of
Pet Parent
Name of
Pet or Person
  Name of
Pet Parent

Name of
Pet or Person
Barbara Blake In Memory of “Spike”  

Ken Burton

In Memory of

Dr. Victoria Flavell

In Memory of “Kanji”

  Karen Glover
In Memory of “Magic”

Deborah Antinori,

In Memory of

  Norman and Nancy Scherr
In Memory of

Analisa Weston
(donation made by
 Heather Fox)

In Memory of “Ayla”


Linda and Bill McIntosh

In Memory of

Gabriella Graham

In Memory of
“Raji (Majarajah Kahn Singh)”
“Rambo Singh”
“Rusty Singh”
“Speckles (Baby Singh)”


Chandra and Wayne Marston

In Memory of

Carol M. Szymanski, DVM
Dianne Foster

In Memory of
Helen Kinck,
Veterinary Technician


Mr. and Mrs. L. Berry (donation made by
Penny Goldberg)

In Memory of

Irene Thompson
(donation made by
 Jessica King)


In Memory of


Margaret Nairn Pettyjohn

In Memory of

Kathleen Brown

In Memory of
Barbara Tevlin


Dr. Jaya Punglia

In Memory of
M. L. Khemsara

Akisha Townsend

In Memory of


Bob and Judy Plew

In Memory of

Dianne Conklin
(donation made by Sandy Chasteen, Visiting Nurse Services)

In Memory of


Dianne Conklin
(donation made by the Hackley Visiting Nurse Services)

In Memory of

Grace Bransford, DVM
(donation made
by Dani Olsen)

“In honor of all your efforts with Shandy”


Leeanne Laughlin,
John Walton and
Angela Louie

In Memory of

Jan O'Sullivan

In Memory of


Sarah I. Sussen

In Memory of

Suzanne DePrimo

In Memory of


Jeff and Julie Dove

In Memory of


Adair Leonard


In Memory of
Lil Bit


Tracy Reis, DVM

In Memory of

Diane Thomas

In Memory of


Frank Fischel and
Dale Suess

In Memory of

Merrilee Mason

In Memory of
“Alex” and “Roxy”


Jessie Cahill

In Memory of


Major Dave, USAF
Baghdad, Iraq


In Memory of


Carol Palmer

In Memory of

Michelle Lotz, RN, BSN

In Memory of


Esmé Kaplan-Kinsey and  Adam Robin Kinsey

In Memory of
(Drawing by Esmé)

Kenneth Koch

In Memory of


Jennifer Prochazka

In Memory of

Sara Gottlieb

In Memory of
"Ben Bader-Gottlieb"


Gayle Bonneville

In Memory of
"Cody, The Kitty King"

Arlan Strong

In Memory of
"Baby Sally"

Dinora J. Morales

In Memory of

Karen and Michael Rodriguez

In Memory of


In Memory of "Archie"

Donation made by Amy and Mel Rodrick

This is a memorial to the beloved dog, Archie, a golden retriever who was very much loved by his owners and family, Lloyd and Lynn Clifton.  Archie passed away unexpectedly on February 27, 2013.  He was the unequivocal companion to the family, especially since Lloyd was very ill at the time.  His life will be remembered by all who knew him as the romping, energetic, loving, slobbering animal that all family and friends loved to meet. 
He will now be waiting for Lloyd at the Rainbow Bridge.